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Bullying in the Workplace

What are the costs to any organization when rudeness goes unchecked? Researchers and writers will attribute different origins to the subject of Bullying in the Workplace. However regardless of its origin, employees who have succumb to an arrogant peer, or an intimidating boss, may carry loads of stress with them through the workday. What does this stress cost your employer? How does it undermine your company’s mission and vision? What can you do about it?

In addition, what are organizations doing to reaffirm their culture and from where does that culture originate in their workplace? This interactive workshop will look at a Five (5) Point Approach to keeping bad behaviors in check while maintaining a healthy work environment. Does it really matter how we treat each other in the workplace? Research shows a direct relationship with work performance and even customer satisfaction when there is evidence of workers being treated badly. We will do a brief assessment of what might be some symptoms, talk about how to respond and how to measure our success.

Bill Smith, attorney with MSEC, will discuss the growing awareness of bullying in the workplace and what employers have been doing to rid themselves of this harmful behavior. His discussion will take you through various definitions and history of bullying but really focus on how employers might address this problem in a practical and holistic approach.


Smith_Bill_0164Bill is currently the Arizona President of MSEC. He served as VP of Regional Offices from 2006 to 2014. He began his career at MSEC as an Employment law attorney in 1994, later working in the Labor Relations Department. His work has included the creation of the workplace investigations service which investigates questionable workplace behavior. Prior to working at MSEC, Bill worked in the Employee Relations Department at a subsidiary of the Southern Company (a large electric utility). His background also includes working in law enforcement. He received his law degree from Mississippi College, MBA degree from William Carey College, and undergraduate degree from Jacksonville State University. He is currently an active member of the Colorado and Arizona Bar Associations.


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